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Partnering with us means working alongside our skilled workforce who have helped lead successful I.T projects at some of the top 20 Fortune-500 companies like: AOL, DELL, TEKSystems, Capgemini and Tesco UK. We at S&H Inc are process driven and results oriented.

We are Agile with a pinch of CLM, ITIL, PMP, Prince-2 & TOGAF , which helps us define better processes and governance for your business.

We help organization's:
Orchestrate - People - Process - Technology
Orchestrate or automate their manual task's | provide assistance in People management aka workforce management | define & implement business Process & goals | define & implement Technology landscape. 

Data Center

Software, Web development & SEO

Infrastructure services & Governance

Information Technology Services

Still holding on to paper scrolls is a bygone thingy!

Every business is becoming digital these days and the complexity in I.T holds it back. That said, if your I.T is not on par with the industry, you really are losing on your business!

Application development

I.T tailored to your needs, in order to serve you better.

Right mixture of technologies used is important in every aspect and to gain insight in I.T landscape is not everybodys cup of tea, it requires knowledge, expertise and skillset. We do all of it.

Software Products

Power your business with our range of products.

We help catering your business needs by our range of software & hardware products to help you grow. We have various range software products for different kind of businesses.

Data Center solutions

Drafting a right solution for the business helps grow it.

Modernize your IT landscape with a very low to no TCO, we understand your business needs to implement best possible solution to cater your business, which helps us take your business to new high's.

 Talk to us today to know how our services can help grow your business.

With over 10 years of experience in I.T, we help transform your business from traditional slow process to a more efficient digital platform; that too at an affordable cost!

Service Portfolio

You can leverage a custom set of services from our list of offering's to better suite your business.

Web Application Development

As web apps are niche these days, we at S&H can help you build data-driven web app’s hosted locally or on the cloud. We have custom CRM & web Portals built with this stack and we are serving Education, Medicine and Tourism industry at the moment. We are also specialized in building custom app’s to help you grow yout business. Additionally, we help organizations maintain their existing applications as well.

Website Development & SEO

We build high quality website’s by leveraging the latest web technologies along with the best platform capabilities. We also help your business grow by first transforming it into a small digital world and then market it using industry standard SEO, SMM, AdWords & Content Writing techniques. We also support migrating your existing website to our hosting service, for a very nominal fee that is not at all hard on your pocket.

Web Hosting & CMS

As I.T market has been thriving from past decade and inevitably it's the backbone of almost everything now. We can help you by taking your business online and supporting it's overall I.T lifecycle. You can leverage our custom shopping cart, CMS without compromising on the quality & security; or you may opt for any well known CMS's available. Yes, we specialize in WordPress, Shopify & PrestaShop kind of platforms.

Mobile Application Development

“Mobile first approach” design being latest trend in the industry has led us to develop mobile applications that are compatible with both for Android as well as iOS platforms. We use various industry recognized technical stacks to deliver awesome non-native mobile apps at an affordable price. Part of our mobile development includes app’s that work offline as well as online, thus supporting Enterprise Mobility.

Infrastructure consulting

We are specialized in providing infrastructure services for your Windows or Linux platforms. It can start as a small task of handling tasks or applications hosted on the said platforms or it can be a full-fledged maintenance of your existing infrastructure for example, desktop management, server or datacenter management, cloud hosting whether on-premises or public cloud, virtualisation platform or bare metal, or any custom services in your server farm. We can assist and work together with your teams.

Database platform

As data is the most valuable & most sought asset of every infrastructure and business without which there are not really many reasons for the existence of I.T infrastructure. We can help you take care of its implementation, administration, security and data integrity. We help organizations implement SQL or Non-SQL DB’s whether on-premises or on the cloud, as per your requirements. We are also specialized in integrating dissimiliar platforms for reporting, dashboard or automation workflows.

Platform & App testing

Be it, an operating system performance testing or applications functionality, security, usability & performance testing; we are here to help you create benchmarks for testing portfolio, which in turn helps us identify pain points in an application that may be either due to a security or design flaw or just an under-performing hardware. We also help teams define and implement TDD/BDD approach. If you have nightly builds going on, we can help you monitor the performance once code goes live.

Network services

Networking services being the backbone of your I.T infrastructure is something that requires attention to detail. Having said that, we currently support setting up your initial LAN or a WAN connectivity between your geographically dispersed offices. We are specialized in CISCO, F5 and Juniper based Routers, firewalls and IDS/IPS. Our team can work closely with your teams or can work from our remote offices, based on your requirements and tasks. We deliver quality service.

Cloud Services

As Cloud is something that intrigues every technologist and top management. We at S&H Inc. help your organization achieve the goal of implementing a Private Cloud or migrate your applications to Public cloud offerings like AWS, Azure or GoogleCloud etc. We also specialize in integrating between your data-center and public cloud aka Hybrid cloud.

Integration & Automation

If your workforce have long list of daunting repetitive tasks on their platter that is cosuming a major chunk of their time daily, don’t worry! We are here to help you automate day-to-day tasks into easy workflows on the server as well as clients. Be it I.T infrastructure or developement tasks, we handle all of it; from IaaC, CICD to IaaS, SaaS, by using CLM principles.

Server less platform

Are your developers struggling with checking-in their code locally, testing it and facing many impediments when making code live! We understand how busy dev’s are crafting their code and we know how to make their lives easier and make their testing, building, code coverage, artifacts deployment seamless and easy, that too on platform you do not have to invest in it's TCO or renting it.

Orchestration & Containerization

If your developers are struggling to juggle between the difference in local and production deployment or find the similar task to be most time consuming process, then you have hit the right place by visiting us. We help developers take that load off their shoulders and automate it.


Are you looking for a professional who can help your team understand and implement Governance across your I.T landscape? We at S&H can help you implement ITIL, Agile [DevOps], CLM & PMP. Talk to us and understand what best you can achieve by signing up with us.

Training program

Are you finding it hard to upskill your workforce due to time constraints or the cost of hiring a training professional for the latest technology, work culture ethics, or soft skills? Let us know your training requirements and one of our training team mates will get back to you.


Coming soon.

“A business man by profession, I initially thought its just another I.T firm in the city, but then I realized what they offer is something thats NOT being offered by others who are in similar business. ”

“Being into service industry while I was an employee at one of the top notch MNC's to being a Founder & CEO of Cosmac financial services, its really hard to impress me unless you really have a skilled staff, who understand business, technology and taking care of the clients! And I found it all at S&H. Kudos, keep up the good work.”

I thought of trying their service for website development and digital marketing. All I have to say is, I do not regret it! Their services are affordable without compromising on the quality.

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